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SepticParts.Com  from time to time will make product comparisons based on many years of experience in the wastewater industry and does not guarantee the accuracy or make any implied assurances for those comparisons offered on this site. Although we offer, in most cases, identical component parts we are not implying in any way that SepticParts.Com  is the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of any aerobic product marketed throughout the U.S.A. SepticParts.Com  has a very experienced staff that will be more than happy to answer any questions about our products, however by use of this site you agree to not hold SepticParts.Com  liable for any use, misuse, or misunderstanding of the information provided.

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SepticParts.Com  products are only available in the Continental USA. Septic Solutions’ Online Store contains products that are purchased wholesale and then offered for sale. Under no circumstances is SepticParts.Com  representing to the general public that it is an Authorized Distributor or Dealer for those Companies whose Alternative Replacement products we sell. We are an Authorized Distributor for Hydro-Action products. SepticParts.Com  makes no guarantees on the products we sell other than the guarantee offered by the manufacturer of that product. If the product requires installation, Septic Solutions assumes no liability for any assembling of that installation or damage to the product or any other type damages incurred during installation. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to check with their local regulatory authorities to ensure all regulations are being complied with. Although we make comparisons and, in most cases, offer identical component parts, we are not implying that SepticParts.Com  is the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of any aerobic product marketed throughout the Continental U.S.A. Although our experienced sales staff will be more than happy to answer your questions about the products we offer, we cannot offer the hands-on service you should expect from your local authorized dealer of the products you now have.


SepticParts.Com  is registered to collect sales or use tax in Texas and is required to assess and remit the tax based on the rules of the state wherein you have directed us to ship the product being purchased. Customers claiming exemptions from the sales or use tax should contact SepticParts.Com  to coordinate the submission of required exemption documentation and a refund of any taxes collected on exempt transactions.


Product cross-reference Alternative Replacement comparisons do not imply that products are available or perfectly comparable. Alternative replacement products are not represented or warranted as functional or performance equivalents. Customer shall review all cross-referenced product specifications prior to purchase and use to determine suitability of the product for customer’s intended use.


SepticParts.Com  and customers are independent contractors and not principal and agent. Nothing contained in these terms and conditions shall be construed to create a partnership, dealership, reseller, agency, employment or joint venture relationship. Customer does not have the right to bind or otherwise obligate SepticParts.Com  in any manner, nor may customer represent to anyone that it has the right to do so.


SepticParts.Com  may offer products manufactured or assembled to customers specifications (“Custom Product(s)”). SepticParts.Com  is not responsible for verifying or confirming the accuracy of specifications provided by customer to SepticParts.Com  for Custom Products. SepticParts.Com limited warranty terms included in these terms and conditions do not apply to custom products. The product warranty provided by the manufacturer and/or supplier will be customer’s sole remedy, and all other warranties are disclaimeD. All Custom Products are sold on a “FINAL SALE” basis only, and no cancellations, returns, refunds or credits are allowed.


SepticParts.Com  Solar Aerobics and Aeris Aerobics are trademarks and/or Registered Trademarks of SepticParts.Com  All other product names found herein are used for identification or comparison purposes only and may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


If any portion of these terms and conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the invalid or unenforceable term shall be severed from these terms and conditions, and the remaining terms and conditions shall be valid and fully enforceable as written.


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