Hiblow HP-120 Septic Air Pump Original price was: $530.00.Current price is: $479.00.
hiblow aerotors with alarm
Hiblow HP-150 Septic Air Pump w/alarm Original price was: $850.00.Current price is: $789.00.

Hiblow HP-150

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Original price was: $720.00.Current price is: $649.00.

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Standard Pump Models Max Flow (lpm)@2.3psi Max Cont. Operating Pressure/Vac (kPa) Power Consumption. (Watts) Noise Level (dBA @ 1m.) Weight (kg)
HP-150 150 30 155 47 9

Product Details – HP-150

  • Available with integral low-pressure alarms for 120 VAC applications.
  • Standard UL approved 120 VAC models, and 230 VAC CE compliant models available.
  • Pumps equipped with thermal overload protection.
  • Contact us for custom voltage applications, including 48 VDC system applications using external PWM controllers for modulating pump flow.
  • Includes pressure tap location for external alarm sensor

The Hiblow HP-150 Aerator is among the most efficient and durable aerators on the market. Along with a 2-yr manufacturer warranty the aerator also comes with a hose used to connect the aerator to system connection. The Hp-150 can be used to replace some 1,200gpd systems and most 1,500gpd systems, and is comparable to other model 150LPM aerators.

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Weight 20.5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 11 in



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Note: No Returns on items over 30 days.

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