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Single Phase Simplex Time Dose (Dual Voltage) w/3-15' CPF floats and weight $765.00
BIO Duplex Demand- (Dual Voltage)
BIO Duplex Demand- (Dual Voltage) $699.00

Single-Phase Simplex Grinder (Separate Pump & Control Circuit) (230V-1PH, Pump Ratings:3HP @230V, 20FLA)

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(230V-1PH, Pump Ratings:3HP @230V, 20FLA)

  • Available in 208/240VAC-1PH models (Call for Custom Order)  4
  • X rated durable, weather-resistant enclosure with mounting feet and stainless steel latch   
  • Circuit breakers for pumps and controls    
  • IEC-rated motor contactor    
  • Easy-to-access, finger-safe terminal block    
  • Start/capacitor kit for specified pump    
  • Secondary fuse protection   
  • Pump hand-off-auto switch with pump run light    
  • Full alarm circuit (visual and audible alarms)   
  • Alarm test-normal-silence switches   
  • Color-coded internal wiring   
  • Connection diagram and schematic   
  • Three-float system (off, on, high water)   
  • Three 15′ mechanical float switches included   
  • Built and labeled to UL 508A standard     *Model 50A700 cannot be returned.     ** Start/run component supplies are for certain pump models. Please     verify pump model, FLA & Capacitor (if known)

Description: The Single-Phase Simplex Grinder Panel is designed to control and monitor a simplex lift station running a Grinder Pump. This panel is built with separate pump(20Amp) and control circuits(10Amp),  and has 3-Floats included (ON,OFF,HWA).

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Note: No return on electrical items. All Electrical items are non-returnable

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