Sprinkler Pumps

Do you want to keep your grass green and your garden growing all summer long without wasting resources? Yes then, we have the solution to your problem. Sprinkler pumps are the solution.

They are designed such that they save you time and money while at the same time conserving resources. Sprinkler pumps offer a gradual flow of water whereas providing enough pressure to push water out of the mechanical device head.

Factors one should remember before buying water pump for sprinkler –

How much lift do you require to pump the water?

Before purchasing a pump, we advise measuring the amount of lift required from the surface of the water source to the pump. It is easier for the pump to push water out than it is to pull water up. Therefore, the higher you pump the water, the more powerful pump you need.

What are your Gallons Per Minute?

Knowing the GPM of your required system is the first step in the sizing and selecting of the pump. For that look at the specifications for your sprinkler heads, every sprinkler head requires a specific GPM.

After knowing the GPM each sprinkler head requires, multiply it by the number of sprinkler heads that are present in your sprinkler zone, and you will finally have the total GPM your system requires.

What kind of power you have available?

The available power source is very important to identify, you will need a pump that can run efficiently off the power available at the application site, without sustaining damage.

You will be required to know that is your pump is electrical, or gas-driven? How much voltage and what phase do you have available? Collecting this information before purchasing can save your time and frustration later.

How much distance do you want to pump the water?

The distance water will take to reaches the sprinkler head also affects pump choice. The longer the distance between the pump and the sprinklers the more friction, and the more powerful the pump should be to maintain optimum flow and pressure.

How wide do you want to cover an area from the sprinkler Pumps?

To know which pump you need to purchase you should consider the area the sprinklers have to cover. For that, you have to calculate the gallons per minute for each sprinkler and then add them up. The sprinklers’ gallons per minute and Pounds Per Square Inch will affect the sprinkler pump required.


After knowing all this you would be able to identify the right product as per your requirement as well as performing regular maintenance on your pumps, it will not only keep them operating at their best efficiency points but increase their life as well. Those hours spent keeping pumps in shape will save you money and time in the long run.

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