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If you’re building a new home or moving to words a resale house congratulations. It like starting a new journey toward living in your home filled with your touches and comfort. While the ultimate result’s very gratifying, the method of homebuilding will be dizzying. For this, the owner should know about its septic tanks and septic system the parts used in them.

Why? So you’ll be able to perceive “how” and “why” behind its practicality to stop issues and keep it running smoothly.

In this blog, we will help you to understand every detail when deciding where your drain field should be located and installed in your home. This is an important decision to make because if it is not installed properly or the parts are not rightly picked.

It can create major problems in the future for your entire septic system. Flooding and contamination can happen in your house if careful attention is not used to place your drain field. so to prevent this there are some major parts that you should know before installing it.

Four Main Components Of Septic System

The four most important components of the septic system are:


Your home’s plumbing is connected to pipes that lead far from your home to the tank wherever sewer water begins the filtering method. this can be why it’s therefore necessary to be cognizant of what you flush your bogs and place down your drain. as a result of all of your pipes run to one drain line, massive things will block your main drain line and considerably impact however your appliances drain.


When you flush your toilets or run water down your drains, it makes its way out of your home and into your septic tank.Septic tanks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and capacities so that any home or business is outfitted with a tank that can manage the use of water and can control any waste that comes from the property. It holds the waste long enough to permit solids to settle out, forming sludge, and oil and grease to float to the surfance as scum.

Drain Field

The third major component of the septic system design is the septic drain field, where wastewater is filtered by way of permeated pipes and gravel back into the groundwater. This critical step is what prepares Gray water for its final stage. The most common leachfield/drainfield consists of a series of trenches containing perforated pipe surrounded by septic rock, or gravel, and covered with mesh and dirt.

Soil Testing 

Lastly, treated and filtered Gray water goes into the soil where it is dispersed back into the groundwater. During the initial septic system design, you have to get your soil tested so that it can be sure that it is not contaminated and that it is capable to handle a certain stage of the wastewater management process.


By now you must be knowing why a septic system is so important for anyone,  before installing it and the major parts its size, shape, and capacity that you should consider before making further steps. We have experience in providing high-quality septic system parts for a variety of homes and businesses.

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